Using the Internet to Capture the
Attention of Potential Local Customers

Local contractors, legal professionals, doctors, restaurants and other brick and mortar businesses are all turning to the Internet when it comes to attracting new clients. But what kind of luck do you think these consumers have when they try to find accurate profiles of local businesses online? Unfortunately, the answer is not much … the major search engines return hundreds of thousands of listings based on some cryptic search criteria apparently known only to the elite (or those willing to pay the big bucks). There's even a term for supposedly optimizing the rankings … search engine optimization (SEO), which is certainly a new art form that is constantly changing.

Many consumers also try the outdated telephone directory style listing Web sites and simply give up. A name and “maybe” a telephone number doesn't exactly give the consumer a compelling reason to pick up the phone or choose one business over another when all they see is an endless array of alphabetical listings. When it comes to the Internet, the best chance businesses and professionals have of being found by consumers is to create a profile that accurately describes their business or service, and create a deliberate and determined effort towards its promotion.

Nowadays, many businesses have a Web site, but they still don't have a well-defined promotion strategy to maximize its offering. Most often, business owners simply don't have the necessary computer skills, let alone the time or energy necessary to be successful. And it's a known fact that being promoted by a third party lends credibility.

Business Profile on the Web was created towards fulfilling this need. We work closely with businesses and professionals to create a professionally written profile of their business to attract consumers in their “local” community. The main goal of the write-up is to accurately communicate to local residents exactly what services and products are offered. We also include an interactive map with driving directions, if so desired, as well as a link to any appropriate Web site. To help leverage their business presence even further, we submit the professionally written news story style write-up to the major search engines to help gain the maximum exposure possible. Outside links to our site are also utilized to further gain exposure to the local area's offerings as well as the write-up itself. As another valuable benefit, we allow any business or professional the right to change their text at any time with a simple phone call or email. And never forget that we're a third party recommending the business or professional as well as the local communities offerings. Best of all, we do all the work!

Considering the current business climate, today's businesses simply can't afford to be behind the times. As the old adage says, “When you don't promote or advertise … nothing happens.” We're confident you'd agree that “nothing happening” isn't a prudent option for any business. If you have a business or are a professional looking to gain the maximum benefit from your online presence, please call one of our representatives today at 1-800-669-8017.